Buck (Large House)

Welcome to the place I call “Little Bonanza”, I named this home “Buck”, after my first dog and named him from Buck in the book call of the wild. Buck and I spent 14 years together. For six of those years he had 4 legs for the other 8 years he went on three. He always guarded me, my truck and my home known as “Bunnylane Cabins”. Now I bring his name to this home in the mountains. It is a good thought and feeling for me to think of how we would have been enjoying this new area.

It is, as I want, “all my guests to feel”. This is your home in the mountains. There are 13 acres here, with a creek coming in one end and out the other, two small ponds; a bridge crossing the creek and one day will be a gazebo.

Bonzai is my other get away here at Little Bonanza, located at the far end “west”, past the ponds. Please respect the guests as they will be asked the same.

Have a Great Day and More

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